(Evaluating the Performance of the Political Composition in The Parliament to Discuss the Government’s Statement)

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Although some like to deal with popular bodies with a popular mandate as the main source of authorities and the highest competence in the administration of the affairs of the country as the body concerned with the development of the rules and higher values that are applied within the framework of the exercise of executive roles and what was officially justified in its favor granted the official name adopted in the political sciences (legislative authority) And even made its legislative role the main center of its movement, the truth (and the reality) attests that this task (legislation) is not that differentiation that gives it its sources of power, especially in the presence of (a legislative partner) who has the power to draft and propose legislation (and even has the authority to adopt it under certain societal circumstances).

The constitutional legislator was aware of this overlap when formulating the legislative jurisdiction, where article (122) stipulated that (122) the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers and each member of the House of Representatives propose laws and each bill submitted by the government or ten members of the Council shall be referred to the competent quality committees of the House of Representatives for examination and report to the Council and the committee may listen to the experienced in the matter and the proposal is not referred to a law submitted by one member to the quality committee unless approved by the competent committee If the committee rejects the proposal by law, its decision must be caused, a text that clearly reveals the differentiation (for the highest) of the legislative proposal when it comes from the executive branch, but the legislator considered that the draft law submitted by the government is the basis of the debate when the proposed projects are multiplied in a special privilege not enjoyed by the deputies of the Council, where article (186) of the Council regulations stipulates that (the bill submitted by the government is the basis for a study of the proposed projects).   

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