ECHRD & FDHRD Welcome Decision of Italy in Regard to Cancelling House Arrest of Arafat & his Colleagues Call for Dropping Accusations against Them

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March 28 , 2021

Press Release

The Egyptian Alliance for Development and Human Rights (EADHR) and the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) welcome the decision of Italian authorities to cancel the house arrest of Mohamed Arafat, the office manager of SI COBAS, and his colleagues as they were arrested for organizing a peaceful labor demonstration to stop the illegal procedures taken by TNT Company against hundreds of workers and led to the displacement of them. EADHR, FDHRD and EVA Organization in Italy assure that they follow the continuous demonstrations all time till dropping all accusations against Arafat and his colleagues and achieving the legal demands of workers. In addition, Amal Ahmed, the head of Italian EVA Organization said that they are in solidarity with workers and syndicate leaders in their demands which come in accordance with the Italian law which are:

1. Asking Fedex International Company for its economic map all over Europe in general and in Italy in particular, Fedex Company should guarantee keeping Piacenza store open and guarantee continuing work and decreasing workers’ number is impossible.

2. Pay the reward difference of production of 2020 as it was agreed upon with SI COBAS and renew the agreement for the reward production of 2021.

3. Pay the sums of money acknowledged by the labor office in Piacenza for each laborer separately as decided for him which have not been paid till now.

4. Pay half-an-hour break for laborers according to what is stated by the national work contract of Italy.

5. Granting the third job degree to each one who carries out his work. 

6. Increase the daily bon of food from 5.29 Euro to 7 Euro and commit to pay the difference of food bon for 2020.

7. Respect the Italian national work contract and apply what stated by it in regard to sick leaves and work injuries (100%); the matter which was not applied by the company.    

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