Walid Salah

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Egyptian citizen “Walid Salah”, who works as a “cashier” in the Sabah Al-Ahmad Cooperative City Association in Kuwait, was attacked by a Kuwaiti citizen, when Walid asked the client to enter his box number the client did not find it. The Kuwaiti man objected and insisted on entering his number, but Walid told him that this is forbidden, as each client has their own number. The Kuwaiti man slapped Walid on the face several times, some customers tried to keep the Kuwaiti man away from the Egyptian citizen, Walid told the aggressor «I will not hit you because you’re an old man.

Walid filed a police report, and found a great deal of interest from officials in Kuwait, where the Kuwaiti Minister of Interior communicated with him personally and with the president of the association” Nasser Zaaar Al-Otaibi”, also a Kuwaiti lawyer offered to take over his case.

The President of the Association resigned, saying:  “I do not accept that someone I am responsible for is insulted in this way.”

The Egyptian citizen was surprised by the interest of the most senior officials in Kuwait to know what happened, including the office of Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad, the eldest son of the Emir of Kuwait, Minister of Commerce Khaled Al-Rawdan, and Interior Minister Anas al-Saleh, who said that the law should take its due course, in addition to many businessmen, media and traders, some of whom offered the Egyptian youth support of all kinds, many Kuwaitis demanded that aggressor be tried.

The perpetrator was arrested and the case was recorded as a misdemeanor case number 60.

The Egyptian Minister of immigration and the Egyptian ambassador to Kuwait Hisham Assran, the Egyptian Minister of immigration, Nabila Makram, thanked the Kuwaiti authorities for their attention and speed of action, and stressed the preservation of the dignity of the Egyptian citizen, while continuing the case and holding the perpetrator accountable.

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