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A Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Amid the pandemic, a military conflict has unfolded in the Horn of Africa. On the 4th of November 2020, a military conflict has erupted in Ethiopia between the federal government of Ethiopia and the regional government of Tigray, in the North. The conflict has rapidly intensified, resulting into humanitarian crisis, regional conflict, and famine.

Tigray region was a historical food deficit region; however, after 1991, the economy developed with the support of international donors to prevent the recurrence of a second tragedy. The major achievement that took three decades to build both by the Ethiopian government and international donors is coming to an end with the ongoing conflict and the resurgence of a famine. The economy and the food system have been hardly hit by the hostilities and the consequent closure of banks, interruption of government resources transfers, and massive looting. These factors, combined with the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, and the low crop yields have led to chronic vulnerability of the people.

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