FDHRD Calls upon Al-Wefaq Government for Immediate release of Egyptian Workers Detained in Libya

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Press Release

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) follow up with great concern the news of the arrest, detention and torture of a number of Egyptian workers  at the hands of armed militias affiliated with Al-Wefaq Government.

FDHRD expressed its condemnation of the deliberate inaction by Al-Wefaq Government in its swift move to arrest the perpetrators and release the detained Egyptian workers, despite the statement of Al-Wefaq Government that it will conduct an extensive investigation into that incident.

FDHRD said in a press release issued today those Egyptian workers are entitled to, , protection from being subjected to arbitrary detention and torture during armed conflicts according to the rules of international law. Detaining and torturing Egyptian workers and endangering their lives is a war crime according to the statute of the International Criminal Court and the Geneva Conventions, which requires rapid and decisive intervention by the Government of National Accord to absolve its legal responsibility for that crime, especially since these militias are affiliated with it and follow its orders.

FDHRD stresses the direct responsibility of Al-Wefaq Government for the safety and security of Egyptian workers detained in Libya. It calls for their immediate release, extensive investigations into the incident, the arrest of the perpetrators of this crime and their referral to an urgent trial.

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