ECHRD: Mutual violence and an armed battle between ISIL in West Africa and Boko Haram.

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The Egyptian Coalition for Development and Human Rights on March 22, 2021, condemned the armed battle between Islamic State (ISWAP) fighters and Boko Haram terrorists led by Abubakar Shekau in Lake Chad, which killed 54 terrorists and herders last month.

The battle between them came against the backdrop of Boko Haram’s attempt to loot from ISWAP units, and the source said: ” Boduma terrorists” who belong to Boko Haram in Shekau moved across a road along the river border villages known as Kabul and Kandahar in Chadian territory, on two boats and attacked a site known as Chica – a village run by ISIL in West Africa between the borders of Nigeria and the Republic of Niger.

The Chikau-linked Boduma group killed more than a dozen ISWAP fighters and kidnapped five of their wives.

The coalition noted that ISIL operatives in West Africa blocked the road to the Boduma attackers, leading to a battle in the Kaduna Rua and Kaiga axes, a few weeks later, specifically on March 17th, angry Boduma terrorists killed about 22 shepherds and looted their cows to pay taxes to ISWAP instead of Shekau camp.

They also intercepted two boats carrying ISIL weapons in West Africa. They killed eight gun smugglers and took weapons and ammunition.

Due to intense competition between the two groups, suspicious terrorist movements were observed in some local governments in Borno State, terrorists were reported in communities in Mobar and Ibadam on the border with Niger; N’Djala balji on the border with Cameroon; Cokawa and Mart on the Lake Chad axis, and skirmishes between the two groups remain

The Egyptian Coalition for Development and Human Rights called on Chad, states and the African Union to intervene urgently to stop the violence and fighting between armed groups in order to get the blood of innocent people.

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