Israeli Crimes against Palestinians

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The Forum for Development and Human Rights dialogue condemns Israel for its grave human rights violations, and war crimes against the Palestinians, and calls the international community and the Security Council to prosecute Israelis over alleged crimes and human rights violations.

It was reported today early morning that Israel pounded air strikes against Gaza, which led to the destruction of a tower block that housed news media organizations. Israel attacks have also destroyed the house of Hamas’ leader. Israeli aggression against civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem since Monday 10th of May has led to 209 deaths and 4,363 injuries.

The death toll in Gaza alone has reached a total of 188, including at least 55 children and 31 women, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Since the beginning of the airstrikes on Gaza this week, at least 1,225 have been injured, with numbers expected to rise if escalation continues.

The rising tension and violence between Gaza and the occupied forces is the worst since 2014. The fight between Israel and Hamas intensified during Muslims’ celebration of Eid Al-Fitr, where causalities are increasing with no sign of an end to fighting.

The confrontation was triggered amid the holy month between the Palestinians and Israeli Police in holy hill top compound in East Jerusalem. Violence escalated rapidly over evictions of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and restrictions on Palestinians’ evening gatherings at Old City’s Damascus Gate. In retaliation for Israeli police clashes with Palestinians near al-Aqsa Mosque, Hamas launched rocket attacks against Israel.

The violence quickly spread to Al-Aqsa Mosque, leading to the injuries of hundreds of Palestinians.  Hamas demanded the removal of Israeli police forces from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and from Sheikh Jarrah district, where Palestinians face eviction by Jewish Settlers.  

On Monday 10th of May, Hamas fired rocket barrages as a response to Israel commemoration of its capture of East Jerusalem in 1967 war. The fighting has since escalated dramatically with Israel bombing targets in Gaza and Hamas, and Palestinian militants firing rockets back toward Tel Aviv.

Israel has announced that air and ground forces were involved in the attacks. According to Reuters since the attack began “at least 126 people” lost their lives in Gaza since Monday, including 31 children, 20 women and 950 others wounded among eight dead in Israel.

Clashes between Palestinians and the Israelis security forces increased on Friday across much of the occupied West Bank and in Sheikh Jarrah district. In the occupied West Bank, at least 13 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during violent clashes, marking the largest number of people killed in a single day in the West Bank in years.

Since the beginning of the attack, the occupation authorities violence and use of force led to the destruction of more than 200 housing units in Gaza, leaving hundreds of people seeking shelter in schools in the north of the coastal enclave, while 10,000 Palestinians had fled their homes in Gaza, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The intensive military airstrikes exchanges between Israel and Palestine have prompted international concerns, where diplomats on a regional and international level started to interfere to secure a ceasefire. Muslim countries raised their voices and condemned Israel actions and violations against Palestinians rights.

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue calls for an immediate end to Israeli escalation of violence in Palestine as well as call for an end for the continuous forcible evictions of Palestinians from their houses.

The UN Security Council has the power to condemn Israel for its human rights violations and for its aggression on Palestinians. The failure of the international community and the Security Council to take an action and clearly condemn the aggression caused by Israel by ending its occupation and increasing its settlements, allows Israel to carry on with its annexation plans.

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