The Dialogue Forum issues a report entitled: Youth and sustainable development

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Today, Sunday 14/8/2022, the Research and Studies Unit at the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Foundation issued a report entitled:
Youth and sustainable development
The report monitored the importance and role of young people in the development and building of human societies, because they are the most receptive to change and the most enthusiastic and lively, which constitutes a tremendous energy towards progress and giving without limits, and thus achieving sustainable development.

The report emphasized that in today’s world, young people have become an important international actor that influences and is affected, and has the ingredients that build or destroy countries and affect peace and stability in them, especially when young people are used as tools to destroy their countries, especially in developing countries, and Arab countries that have gone through revolutions that have taken place. It mobilizes and uses young people, especially with young people making up more than 32% of the population in the Arab countries, which requires the involvement of young people in the development process.
The report dealt with a number of themes, the most important of which are:
First: Youth and the Sustainable Development Goals:
The report clarified that all the sustainable development goals are of crucial importance in the development of youth, the achievement of the goals in the areas of education and employment was also emphasized in the latest edition of the World Youth Report as a key factor for the comprehensive development of youth.
Ensuring access to quality, inclusive and equitable education is essential to a successful shift in the workforce and achieving the goal of access to decent work opportunities for all young people, because providing job opportunities is essential in the process of achieving many sustainable development goals that they are still small, and they will not be able to afford marriage With all its consequences.
With regard to employment, Goal No. (8) of the Sustainable Development Goals takes into account the call to provide decent work for young people, as the spread of unemployment, lack of employment and poor quality of work have proven to be stressful issues for economies.
Second: Involving young people in political life
The report dealt with activating the role of youth in political activity in its various aspects, whether general national activity, or activity through political organizations and parties, was and still is the obsession of all political forces that have a political and social change project, considering youth a significant force for change and its balance in society.
The report emphasized that the political leadership’s interest in youth and its keenness on their participation in political life or assigning them leadership positions contributed significantly to renewing blood within various government agencies and helped a lot in the government’s success in experimenting with digital transformation, keeping pace with modern technology, using the latest systems in management and solving Problems that were real obstacles to the citizen.

Third: Youth and decision-making in Egypt
The report emphasized Egypt’s keenness to target the youth personality, hone their skills, provide them with scientific and practical experience, and qualify them to ensure their proper adaptation to developments, and train young leaders in various societal fields.
The report emphasized that Egypt seeks to attract these young people to the political arena, take into account their needs, desires and future aspirations, and enhance their citizenship by spreading the spirit of patriotism, deepening the spirit of belonging to the nation’s issues and needs, and preserving its existence.
The report concluded that it is not possible to talk about sustainable development without addressing the role of youth, because the plan of any country to achieve progress in a particular field depends mainly on the presence of cadres of young people who are the hope of tomorrow and the tool of progress and prosperity in societies.
Young people are the most ambitious in society, and this means that the process of change and progress for them is not subject to limits, because they are the most receptive to change and the most enthusiastic and lively, which constitutes a mighty energy towards progress and giving without limits, thus achieving sustainable development.

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