The Forum Foundation for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Calls for Protecting Kidney Failure Patients from Infection and Announcing the Ministry’s Plan to Restructure Health Units

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Press Release

The Forum Foundation for Development and Human Rights Dialogue praised the efforts made by the medical sector in Egypt to limit the spread of the Corona virus and reduce its effects, as well as President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to increase the allowance for medical professions by 75% from the current value, including doctors working in university hospitals, at a total cost of about 2.25 billion pounds, as well as the establishment of a risk fund for members of the medical profession. The decision also included the disbursement of an exceptional reward to all current staff in isolation, protection, chest and central laboratories on the national level.

The Forum called upon the Ministry of Health and the Egyptian government to take a number of measures to ensure the success of the efforts to combat the Corona virus, including: 

1- Special care is given to patients with kidney failure, where patients with kidney failure have to go three times a week to undergo dialysis, which requires them to be in hospital for long hours a day, and urgent measures must be taken to protect them from infection.

2- Asking the ministry to disclose follow-up procedures for oncology and immuno-deficiency patients who are exposed to the same concerns.

3- Disclosure of the ministry’s review procedures for health units
in Egypt and its adoption of measures to structure them and improve the quality of services provided there as the first line of defense in remote villages and slums to fight the disease.

4- Carry out early detections of the disease and take samples from all medical staff to ensure that they are free of the virus.

5- Conducting psychological rehabilitation of the injured and their families so that the injured are not bullied by their families.

 6- The Foundation calls for continued openness and disclosure approaches 
to Corona infection declaration and the completion of scientific research to help  bring better treatment in joint cooperation with WHO until science reaches an effective treatment of the virus.

7- Fully comply with who’s rules and instructions in dealing with cases.

8- Addressing the shortcomings that have emerged in some hospitals due to the lack of medical supplies to protect nursing staff.

9- Monitoring and following the implementation of hospitals in the provinces of code applied in cases of death and agreeing on a unified method of safe transport to cemeteries.

10- Provide adequate protection for medical staff during their time in all hospitals. Top of FormBottom of Form

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