Women Representation in Parliament 2020

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Women Representation in Parliament 2020 increased by 30% than it was

In the context of following up the electoral observatory of The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development, the observatory has been interested in analyzing women’s participation in parliament elections especially as women’s representation ratio in the parliament has become 15% in 2016 which was then represented the highest representation ratio of women ever in the Egyptian Parliament since they got the right to nomination for elections in 1957. Then the Egyptian women got 25% of representation in the parliament according to the new constitutional amendments in 2019.

In parliamentary elections of 2015, 308 women ran for and compete for parliament membership for individual and lists seats as the laws of parliamentary elections have dedicated 56 seats for women with the list system and that at least 7 women would be nominated in lists for which 15 seats have been designated.

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