The ECHRD Condemns The Slaughter of a Kidnapped Iraqi Officer By ISIS

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Today, Wednesday, December 29, 2021, the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development (ECHRD) condemned the slaughter of a kidnapped Iraqi officer in the Ministry of Interior, which was carried out by the terrorist organization ISIS.
The terrorist incident took place in a semi-desert area near the Iraqi border, which has not been accurately identified. ISIS published a video documenting the operation, where the officer appeared on his knees, and one of the terrorist organization’s elements appeared behind him. He is masked and holding his weapon alongside the black banner of the organization. The Iraqi officer, Colonel “Yasser Al-Jourani”, is the director of passports in the city of Adhamiya in Baghdad.
It is worth noting that the officer and three of his friends were kidnapped while they were on a wild fishing trip at Hamrin Lake in Khanaqin District, Diyala Governorate. ISIS executed two of them, and the Iraqi forces managed to liberate the third while he died after his liberation.
It is also worth noting that the pace of executions of killings and slaughter by terrorist groups, especially ISIS, is increasing day by day, and this has become a promotional and propaganda tool for them. This aims to spread fear and terror in the hearts of the public and to dampen the morale of the state institutions and army, especially after the efforts of the Iraqi national forces to eliminate ISIS by the end of 2017, after occupying about a third of the country.
The ECHRD affirms its complete rejection of all terrorist acts that would affect human security and the right to life in the world.

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