Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights Condemns Attack on Egyptian Youth and Child in Italy

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The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development today condemned the unfortunate incident suffered by the Young Egyptian child living in Italy Ziad and Youssef Marei.

Youssef, 18 and Ziad, 10 and while they were leaving the Evening prayer in Turin Italy, an Italian youth assaulted them with a knife and cut off their hands and chased them to their home and a result, Ziad sustained serious injuries and was transferred to intensive care and Youssef underwent physiotherapy for 4 months

In its statement today, the coalition called upon the Italian authorities to stop such attacks and work to prevent hate speech and racism against Egyptians living in Italy, as well as to prevent racist slogans against them.

The coalition called upon the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration and Foreign Affairs to provide legal support to the families of the victims and ensure an urgent and fair trial for the perpetrator.

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