The Success of the Egyptian Government’s Efforts in Releasing (20) Egyptian Fishermen

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The Egyptian state’s efforts to recover Egyptian fishermen from the Delta governorates succeeded. They were convicted of crossing the territorial waters without a permit in Yemen. The twenty fishermen sailed on a fishing boat (named “Noor Al-Bahar”) on March 18. Ten are from the city of Matariya in Dakahlia governorate, and the other ten are from Damietta and Kafr El-Sheikh governorates. On March 28, they were detained by the Yemeni authorities after entering Yemeni territorial waters. The Yemeni authorities sentenced them to six months in prison, confiscated their boat, and imposed a fine of about 25 thousand US dollars. The fishermen have already returned home on Sunday, May 8. They were released without paying bail, and their boat was returned to them.

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